FRP’s online registration, specifically designed for FRP, uses the USAC registration system: it is intuitive and easy to navigate and brings in an entirely new and streamlined sign-up process.

ALL PARTICIPANTS -- Drivers, Crew, Staff, Officials, VIP/Partners and Media, need a FRP/USAC hard card License (credentials). To register, each individual must go to, and follow the intuitive prompts. A photo is required, and must be uploaded on the site otherwise the form will not complete. A selfie from a smartphone will work.

Single event participants must also register on this site -- follow the prompts for the “Single Event Credential”.

There is no charge for the FRP/USAC hard card License (credentials). Register early and hard cards will be mailed directly to the participant, otherwise they can be picked up at the track.

SERIES REGISTRATION and EVENT ENTRY – to register for the 2018 Series and enter for a single or multiple events, the site is: Follow the intuitive prompts.

For entrants planning to race the full 2018 season, there is a package discount available if registered prior to March 1st. The website will automatically adjust the price when registration and all events are chosen.

Early entry closes two weeks prior to each event.

Please direct any license or registration questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 855-722-3377 ext. 701