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Watkins Glen load-in is less than two weeks away.  If you haven't already registered, please do so at  Each race has to be entered separately, but should only take about 30 seconds as your data is already on file.

Links: WGI weekend schedule, WGI paddock map.

We are in the North Paddock, which is big enough to handle our car count among the three series.

Scheduled load-in is 1pm Thursday, May 15th and everyone needs to go to the registration building up the hill before trying to get in the track.  

Trailers and rigs should be able to enter the track via the tunnel (the Series rig is 13' 8" high and clears with no problem) and not have to wait for the track to close.  As at Road Atlanta, Series personnel will park you, so be patient.

We received positive feedback regarding the paddock look and parking at Road Atlanta, so let’s keep it up.

The Driver's meeting will again be written and available at the Series rig. There will also be a brief "in person" meeting for each Series (time TBD), for any last minute items and questions.